Web Solution Services
v&c WEB is an R&D company that develops new web solutions.
v&c WEB also offers web consultancy services.
v&c WEB combines technical expertise in REST-based web solutions with expert knowledge in multilingual and cross cultural web solutions.
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We offer consultancy on multi-lingual / multi-cultural web solutions.
We offer technical consultancy on REST-based web solutions.
v&c WEB / Platform
v&c WEB believes that simple software increases reliability and security.
v&c WEB believes that software should be tested automatically wherever possible.
Based on these principles v&c WEB designed an new innovative REST web platform. The platform is currently in the implementation phase.
v&c WEB in China
v&c WEB is currently participating in the Internet Plus action plan launched by the chinese government.
v&c WEB is provisioning a suite of web tools with international reach to the Han Fei Taichi Centre in Ningbo.